Bruce's Timeline

  • Born in London Ontario on December 27, 1962.
  • First home was at the corner of Princess Ave and Waterloo Street in London.
  • I was baptized and confirmed at St. Pauls Cathedral in London.
  • In 1965, my parents purchased The Cedars from my grandmother and her sisters. The property had been in the family since Herbert A. Sabine purchased it back in 1906. Here is a news report on CTV News that aired in October 2014 that provides a synopsis of my goal to have the home restored after 35 years of neglect. We were able to get The Cedars designated under the Heritage Act of Ontario in 2015. Unfortunately on July 7, 2018 that old abandoned house "The Cedars" across from Springbank near The Dam was completely destroyed by fire.
  • I went to John Dearness Public School between 1967 and 1976, and then Oakridge Secondary School between 1976 and 1981
  • I finished high school a semester early, so in late January 1981, I drove to Calgary to find work in the oil patch. I ended up getting a job with Dome Petroleum, stationed in Estevan Saskatchewan. I worked in their Producers Pipeline division on pipeline operations, and worked there for the summers of 1982 and 1983 as well.
  • For the summer of 1984, I worked for a professor at the Ivey Business School.
  • I attended the University of Western Ontario in 1981 and graduated from the Ivey Business School in 1985. It was there that I met my wife, Jennifer (Chadwick) Lamb.
  • Jenny and I married at East Plains United Church in Burlington Ontario on May 9, 1987.
  • We started Lamb Computer Systems Inc. (operating as Automated Design Systems) on May 11, 1988. We were a dealer for Autodesk, selling AutoCAD software, training and related hardware. We grew the company to 11 offices across Canada and peak sales of $7 million.
  • Our daughter Karen was born in 1990 and our daughter Tori was born in 1992.
  • I was voted in as an Alderman within the Township of West Lincoln within the Region of Niagara in 1991. I was the only new member of council at that time. I was re-elected in 1994 and was the only returning member of council during that election. I (voluntarily) retired from municipal council in 1997.
  • We started what is now Avalanche Search Marketing Inc. in 1999.
  • In 2006, we built a wonderful new home outside of Lucan Ontario on 19 acres of land that we purchased from my mother.
  • In 2015, we purchased a 50 acre parcel on Sunningdale Road, just northwest of the Hyde Park area of London Ontario. We have 29 workable acres that we share-crop with a local farmer. We store cars over the winter months in the arena that is attached to our barn. We are in the process of doing renovations to the house, which was built around 1970.
  • Jenny, the girls and I are avid runners. Jenny has run 4 marathons (including running the Boston Marathon twice) and I have run 24 marathons including 5 Boston Marathons. My personal best time is 3:24:37 (Erie, 2015). On a lighter note, one of my claims-to-fame is that if you search in Google for "crashing at the end of the Boston Marathon", my Youtube video is the top result!
  • Tori and I love riding horses. Tori and I have recently been helping out at Western University Mustangs football games -- galloping around the track when a touchdown is scored. Here is a recent video, and a clip from CTV News that includes an interview with Tori (at 1:17 in the clip).
  • I love playing, watching, talking about and reading about hockey, which is the best team sport in the history of the world, in my humble opinion. I coordinate games and players for our Lucan Leprechauns old-timers travelling hockey team. This season, the Leafs are going all the way -- really, really!
  • I've been a member of the Lucan District Lions Club since roughly 2006. We raise money for all sorts of worthy causes. I was President of the club from 2012 to 2014.
  • I started the Lucan Area Trails Association back in 2010.
  • I have been a "special skills extra" (horseback rider) for the television series, Reign. Here is a clip from Reign -- galloping in on the right side of the screen, and then throwing some instruments of torture on the stage. And another clip here -- at risk as being typecast as an angry horseback-riding guard!
  • I help out with the Entrepreneurship program at the Ivey Business School at Western University, both as an "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" and in judging in case competitions and business plans. I am also a guest lecturer on digital marketing and analysis once a year.
  • It was an honour to be asked to volunteer at the Invictus Games in September 2017 in Toronto. This competition, the goal of which is to help 'wounded warriors' heal through the power of sport, was an amazing experience. Veterans -- many missing multiple limbs -- competed in a wide range of sports. I was volunteering at the swimming competition.


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"Half the failures in life result from pulling in one's horse when it is leaping." ~ Author Unknown

I am not sure if that is exactly true but certainly reining in can result in failure. I ride because I love it. I have grown up around horses, we board horses, we compete and we ride just for fun.


"So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running and especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved." ~ Nancy Anderson

To run a marathon you need commitment and dedication (and perhaps a bit of crazy).

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