Bruce has been asked a number of questions to date and we thought to include many of them just in case they might match your own questions.

The local Candidate Nomination Committee is not releasing names of people who have been approved as candidates, so we are only listing people that we have actually seen indicate publically that they are running, and with the best information we've been able to find on-line. If you know of someone else who is running, please let us know and we'll be happy to update this list.

NameHome (Riding)PhoneEmailWebsite
Peter Aarssen Wyoming (S-L) 519-542-1497
Peter Cuddy London (LNC) 519-495-2530
Greg Hetherington Wallaceburg (LKM) 519-401-0045
Mattheu Kok Mount Brydges (LKM) 519-691-7587
Bruce Lamb Middlesex Centre (LKM) 519-318-5562
Kevin Mitchell Wallaceburg (LKM) 519-401-1136
Lianne Rood Grand Bend (LKM) 519-871-9773
Legend: LKM: Lambton-Kent-Middlesex  S-L: Sarnia-Lambton  LNC: London North Centre

Bruce and Jenny have lived in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex for 12 Years. They moved back to Lucan in 2006, and then purchased their current residence and cash crop farm on Sunningdale Road in 2015.

Yes, he was an Alderman in the Township of West Lincoln (Niagara) for 2 terms (6 years). Bruce was Deputy Mayor for six months of that time and served in positions of Chair of Planning and Development, Chair of Economic Development Committee, and Chair of the Four Municipalities Waste Management Committee, which oversaw the construction of the Niagara Road 12 Landfill that serves West Lincoln, Pelham, Lincoln and Grimsby. He served on the negotiating committee to for a new contract with the township's union, and was always involved in the budget process to ensure ratepayers were receiving the best value for their tax dollars.
He (voluntarily) retired in 1997.

We were originally told that the nomination meeting would be in the Fall of 2018. Then, in October 2018, we were told that the nomination period would not open until 2019. Once the nomination period is "Open", people who have not already done so will have 21 more days to get their membership in the Conservative Party of Canada. The nomination meeting will be held 42 to 54 days after the Open date -- so the soonest the nomination meeting can happen at this point is mid-February. Because of the size of the riding, we believe that the local Candidate Nomination Committee will opt for two meetings so that people on the outskirts of the riding don't have to travel more than about a half-hour to get to a meeting location. Our best guess is that the nomination meeting will be held in early March 2019.



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